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If you want to master your investment skills, you should consider it the same principle as driving a car, walking or riding a bike. When was it that you first sat around the steering of a vehicle, terrified to make the first move? Do you remember how nervous you were? You probably were cautious when you applied the brake. You may have held the steering wheel as if it were a choke hold. You may have closely watched how the speedometer moved and the adrenaline rush that captivated you because of the idea that you were driving on the highway may seem miniscule to creating an investment portfolio. All the preparation for your driver’s license was worth it because now, you can drive with the music blaring and not think anything about it.

The Phases

Now that we have gotten that analogy out the way, let’s see how it affects the solid stages of profiting from your investments. There are four phases of investing profitably and these are all similar in scope. If you are new to investments, you may make the normal mistakes due to a lack of investing skills. For each action, you will need to make conscious decisions and the effort needed to go the extra mile for implementation. This is essential to the learning process and is quite normal. Remember, you had to stumble first before you walked. It will take time. As you begin to go through the trial and error period, learning the fundamentals, you will gain the experience to reap the profits.

Stage One

In this stage, you don’t know as much as you should to even know that you don’t know. You will find everything to be new and possibly strange at first. You may have a little anxiety and fear of failing. This is normal as well. For that reason, you may have to depend on the advice of an investment specialist or other experienced individuals. You need someone to help you with investment planning and an explanation of the concept of acquiring wealth. Don’t get stuck in this stage as some people do.

Stage Two

You are now conscious about what you are embarking on. You have initiated the first step required to passively save and invest. However, at this stage, you have come to the realization that there is more to being consistently and continuously profitable. You now have an aspiration to build wealth and become financially free. At this point, you are not aware of the need for risk management unless you get professional help. So, if not careful, you could experience some losses and gains.  

Stage Three

You are still conscious about your investment in this stage. You are getting more comfortable as you try to master the investing game. However, there is still work to be done. At this stage, you need a firm investment plan. You should know how you are going to execute the plan based on principles that have already been proven to be successful. You need a strong investment advisor to help you with both risk management and how to apply your investment portfolio.

Stage Four

In this stage, you are comfortable about investing. You can talk about investing as if you knew about it all along. You will probably only need investment advice to get factual information. You know how to make good investment choices. You have now mastered the investment game.

Solid Phases of Profiting From Your Investments