Financial advisor explaining investment plans to senior couple

If you are investing in stocks or bonds or you are acquiring interest from a savings account, your goal is to get as much monetary growth as possible from your endeavors. If you want to consider expanding your bank account on a limited budget or limited income, you may need the help of an investment advisor. Most investment professionals are experienced and will lend their expertise to find a logical solution for your investment objectives.

Choosing a Professional

Of course, you have to be careful the type of investment advisor you choose for professional recommendations. It all depends on what you are trying to accomplish. An investment advisor could be:

  •       An insurance professional
  •       Stock broker
  •       Financial planner
  •       Real estate attorney

These and other professionals will offer their advice in all types of investments; from estate planning to real estate investment. Therefore, if you are really looking for investment advice, it is best to solicit help from someone with full understanding about making money through means of investing.

Fee Only

You should never use the recommendations from a relative. You also should never use an investment strategy based on the tip obtained from a friend. Rather than doing so, you should find someone with expertise in financial matters and one that has the appropriate credentials. You should choose this professional only if the person charges you on a fee-only basis. The reason why the fee-only basis is important is that the advisor will make your investment a primary objective and act in a fiduciary role to ensure that your best interest is paramount.

Other Advisors

Other advisors do not operate on a fee-only basis, but work on commission. In this case, the advisor is looking at how much earnings will come from giving you advice. This produces a conflict of interest and you, the client stand to lose because your interest may not be protected. It is in your best interest, then to find an investment advisor that will work exclusively on your behalf.

Venturing the Stock Market

You should never try to invest in the stock market by yourself. It is better to use the expertise of an investment advisor who will select the best way for you to grow interest on your money with reduced risk. The advisor will invest based on your income and your level of tolerance for risks. Many investment advisors will guide you to choose the option that best suits your particular situation.

Recovering Losses

An investment advisor will assist you in watching the growth of your money, but will also assist in the recovery of any disappointing losses incurred. This will usually happen when you invest in gold, silver or stocks where it is possible for values to drop in a short period of time. Therefore, if you were to lose money in the stock market and want to recover those losses quickly, seek the advice of an investment advisor.

Be sure to select a professional investment advisor that you find to be honest in handling your finances. Get reference from people you know. You want to be confident and comfortable when dealing with this professional.


What to Look For in an Investment Advisor?